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  • PE—RT Floor Heating Pipe, Water Collector Series

    Product introduction:PE-RT material is produced by special molecular design and synthesis process. By controlling the number and distribution of branches, a unique molecular structure and crystalline microstructure are obtained. It inherits the excellent creep resistance and low temperature brittleness resistance of polyethylene. Abandoning the shortcoming that ordinary polyethylene can not wit...

  • PE gas pipeline series

    Product introduction:It adopts advanced technology and equipment in the industry, uses high-quality raw materials from world-renowned companies, and produces in strict accordance with national mandatory standards. Polyethylene pipes have many excellent characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, good toughness, and safe and reliable joint connection. They have suc...

  • PB pipeline system

    Product introduction:Nanshan PB pipe fittings use advanced industry technology and equipment, use high-quality raw materials, and are produced in strict accordance with national standards. With the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, no rust, no corrosion, no scaling, long life, long-term aging resistance, it can be used for running water, hot water pipes a...

  • Company profile

    Shandong Nanshan Nuantong New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing and manufacturing business of radiators, pipes and fittings of Nanshan Holdings and one of the key enterprises of Nanshan Holdings. Established in 2000, Nanshan Nuantong adheres to the high-quality development route, focuses on creating a closed-loop and perfect business industrial chain, and provides consumers with high-qualit...



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